Kids get up close and personal with baby alligator at Lynches River County Park

Pee Dee

FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW)– Kids in Florence County got a chance on Sunday to get up close and personal with animals at Lynches River County Park. It was part of the park’s “Wild Weekends” program that runs through September.

Some families even took a look at a baby alligator on Sunday.

“I showed them our eastern king snake, which is the black snake behind me, and I also showed them one of our baby alligators who is about six months old, so he’s a real baby,” Ethan King, an interpretive assistant at the park said.

Kids were taught about the animals’ behavior and even got to pet them.

“They don’t have that fear that’s been drilled into older adults,” King said. “I’ve very rarely had a kid that’s like, ‘No I don’t want to touch that.’”

“These two were not scared at all,” attendee Lisa Worthy said of her daughters.

King shows off animals every weekend. He said he wants kids to learn what to do if they encounter a reptile.

“My personal goal is to get people to stop killing every snake that they see,” King said. “Most people’s first instinct when they see a snake in their yard is just to kill it.” They’re just as kind as a golden retriever, except for the alligator. You don’t want to mess with an alligator.”

In addition to checking out the animals, those who took part on Sunday could also work on arts and crafts projects and check out the park’s other amenities that include hiking trails and a splash pad.

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