FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Lake City Police Lt. John Stewart was laid to rest on Friday.

The service was at the Florence Center and many agencies throughout the region were there to show support for Lt. Stewart’s family during this difficult time

Speakers at the memorial service said they will miss Lt. Stewart’s bright personality and that he was a man who loved his family and loved protecting the people of Lake City.

Lt. Stewart lost his life in the line of duty on Sept. 17. He was remembered for the last 13 years of service to the community of Lake City.

Police Chief Jody Cooper said with more than 15 years of friendship, he will truly miss Stewart. “You’ll be absent in our sight, Lt. John Stewart, but you will forever be in our hearts, forever; and don’t worry, I’ll take the rest of your calls. You rest,” Chief Cooper said.

“Stewart approached each community call as if they were his own family members who needed his big brother approach,” Chief Cooper said. “Lt. Stewart performed his duties as a peace officer with love, empathy for his community, children and his fellow officers.”

Sgt. Tommie Brogden with the Lake City Police Department said, “Only thing he knew was work. Up until the point Chief actually had to force him to take a vacation, and even in his vacation he would call back and ask what y’all doing, what y’all got going on.”

Family members also gave thanks for the support. “For the men and women in blue, thank you for never leaving his side,” said his sister, Dyane Stewart. “Thank you for continuing his watch so he can truly rest.”

Lt. Stewart recently was assigned to the U.S. Marshall Task Force, which was something Chief Cooper says he talked about doing for a while, and he’s saddened that Lt. Stewart won’t be here to carry out that dream.