LATTA, S.C. (WBTW) — The Latta Town Council held an emergency meeting Monday night to discuss the town’s lack of a new mayor after a housing dispute led to a court injunction that overturned the results of the November election.

“Most people know our mayoral race has some contention,” Councilman Joe Williamson, Jr. said. “Our election commission overturned that race.”

The injunction was issued following questions about whether the winner of the mayoral race, Robbie Coward, lives in Latta or Dillon. Latta’s Municipal Election Commission found that he lived in Dillon, but Coward’s attorneys said in an appeal that he met all the residency requirements to run in the race and that his own vote was even counted in the election without issue.

“I’ve spoken to Miss Nancy Brigman, who is our previous mayor,” Williamson said, “And she has agreed to stay on as mayor.”

Council members unanimously approved the motion to keep Brigman while they decide what to do next.

Kevin Drawhorn, a community activist who unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the council, said he was frustrated with the race being overturned, but even more so over the fact that public comments were not taken at the meeting.

“If Robbie Coward did break the law, I myself would not have voted for him,” Drawhorn said. “We voted, we spoke. Now let the man serve.”

Drawhorn said he hopes to get more details on the injunction against Coward at the next meeting, which is set for next Thursday.

The council members declined to comment further.