Local business in the Pee Dee aims to stop bullying

Pee Dee

Carolina Kickboxing in the Pee Dee aims to stop bullying and help kids build their confidence. 

“I’m from Florence. I grew up here and there was a good opportunity for a place like this here, especially to give back,” said owner, Walker Vivian. 

A lifelong dream, that’s how Vivian described his new location in his hometown. Vivian wants his location to be the go-to place not just for adults, but for teens and kids. 

“Nowadays with the rise of bullying, a lot of kids need the confidence building,” said Walker. 

As an experienced instructor, Vivian works to teach them how to strike their opponent using hands, elbows, and knees. 

“I knew I always wanted to teach. I’ve had about 40 fights and I knew that the end goal was to open up my own place and teach,” said Vivian. 

Walker is also working on a new project for those in need. 

“I work with a non-profit organization now and their goal is to give back to underprivileged kids,” said Vivian. 

With this program, they’re looking into giving out several scholarships for kids.

“That’s kinda what it’s about. I want to build their confidence, so they can walk around proud and secure with themselves and not be an easy target,” said Vivian. 

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