Local family escapes flood waters: “I pray the water doesn’t get higher than what it already is”

Pee Dee

A family in Bennettsville evacuated Sunday morning, after police told them to leave their home due to flooding. 

“I know they can’t stop bad weather, but they need to do more,” said Sandra Williams. 

Williams and her family have been living near Richardson Avenue since 2010. The family said, they have experienced two major floodings. 

Fortunately, the first time, water didn’t get inside their home, but when Hurricane Matthew made landfall in 2016, the family had to taken out of their home by a boat. 

Now, with all the rain Hurricane Florence left behind, she fears she will lose everything again. 

“It’s been hard for us. We still aren’t over Hurricane Matthew,” said Sandra. 

The neighborhood experiences flooding only during hurricane season and the family said there’s not a lot of ditches in front of their home that can help.  

“The cops came today and told us to get out because the creek was going to overflow, so we left,” said Williams.

Sandra Williams and her family evacuated their home, packing only their valuables. 

“We’ve been without power for three days. We’re trying to tough it out. We had gas to cook, but we couldn’t do it anymore,” said Williams. 

The family said they don’t know what they’ll be coming home to once the water goes away. 

“I pray the water doesn’t get higher than what it already is, because it’s a lot on us,” said Williams. 

Once this is over, the family plans to move from the neighborhood.

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