Lumberton community says final goodbye to 31-year-old Officer Jason Quick

Pee Dee

Funeral services were Thursday afternoon for Lumberton police officer Jason Quick at the Rock Church of God. 

Officer Quick died after being hit by a car on I-95 on Saturday morning. He was investigating a crash on the I-95 Northbound lane near exit 22. 

Family, friends, and several law enforcement officers paid their final respects. One church member who has known Officer Quick for over 8 years said he will never be forgotten. “I’ve always went to church with them. He had a wonderful wife, family, very nice person who loved God. He’s truly going to be missed,” said Mary Young. 

Chief Michael McNeil from the Lumberton Police department dscribed Officer Quick ‘sharp with a good demeanor about him’ and ‘a big teddy bear’.  “He was a dedicated law enforcement officer. One that I was very proud to say that he worked for the Lumberton Police department.”

Fellow law enforcement officers couldn’t hold back tears during the service. “I got to serve, and protect. He did that and that’s the kind of person he was,” said Rev Kary Wilkins from the Rock of Church of God. 

Law enforcement officers from surrounding areas also attended the service. Many didn’t know Officer Quick but said this is brotherhood, and it doesn’t matter what department you’re from. 

“Burlington Police department tries to support any North Carolina agency that loses an officer in the line of duty. So it’s important for us to show everyone else that they have our support,” said Michael Giroux with the Burlington Police department. 

Many say Officer Quick was the type of person who would put everyone else first. “It was hard to find somebody else like him. He was a helper. He worked the whole shift at night and you would call him and say Jason I need a hand, he would lay down what he was doing to come help you,” said friend Justin Jacobs. 

Officer Quick was laid to rest at the Gardens of Faith Thursday afternoon and leaves behind a wife and two young children. 

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