Marion County communities face issues with trash pick-up service

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MARION, S.C. (WBTW) — Residents and leaders in Marion County communities say a trash service provider just isn’t cutting it.

Marion mayor Ashley Brady said he’s got a folder of around 350 complaints about the contracted trash service, which is provided by American Waste Systems.

“They just were missing streets or not getting dumpsters dumped on a timely basis,” Mayor Brady said. “They were missing days or running late and it’s progressively gotten worse.”

Brady says the city has been tracking complaints against AWS for around a year.

Marion city council voted last month to terminate the contract at the end of this year. The mayor says many in town are frustrated.

“We see it,” the mayor said. “We don’t like it. We can’t stand it just as much as they can. They deserve better than that and we’ve taken corrective actions to do it, it’s just we can’t do it overnight.”

He hopes to have a new contract at the start of the year. In the meantime, the city plans to rent its own truck in an effort to improve service.

Nearby Mullins and Nichols are also serviced by AWS and say they’ve experienced similar issues with the company.

“They were supposed to pick up trash on Wednesday and now it’s Friday and still nothing’s picked up,” Shelby Graves said who lives on Proctor Street in Mullins.

He said the whole thing is an inconvenience.

“We need consistency,” he said. ?It hasn’t been consistent. It’s sometimes they pick it up 12 o’clock Wednesday night, and other times two days later haven’t seen anybody.”

American Waste Systems did not return our request for comment. Mullins mayor Bo McMillan said the issue would be brought up at an upcoming special meeting. Count on News13 for updates.

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