MARION, S.C. (WBTW) — A Pee Dee pastor has made a major donation to Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

Rev. Larry Williams of Tabernacle of God ministries in Marion recently sent more than $800,000 worth of medical supplies to the country.

“I think we, as people of faith, should be on the front line,” Williams said. “We can’t allow this aggression to continue. We can’t allow it.”

The donation consisted of hospital gowns, bandages and more than 1,000 medical kits, each of which contains everything a doctor needs to perform surgery — from scrubs to syringes.

“These supplies have been sitting in our warehouse for two years,” Williams said. “We have been waiting on this moment.”

Williams said the supplies were gathered for the church’s mobile food bank. After meeting Stan Petrovsky, a native Ukrainian and founder of the non-profit group “The World For Ukraine,” he came up with a different plan.

“Rev. Larry and his team were outstanding,” Petrovsky said. “They supported us and helped us every step of the way. They had the forklift and everything in order.”

Petrovsky said the supplies are headed to Poland, where they will be sent to a contact in the Ukrainian government.

“It feels like the community has our back,” Petrovsky said. “When he came and talked to me, it felt like and angel came down from the sky.”

Williams said the shipment is expected to arrive next week. In the meantime, Williams urges the people of Ukraine to “hold on” in an original song he wrote for his next sermon.

“Help is on the way, you will see a brighter day. Hold on,” he sang.