NICHOLS, S.C. (WBTW) — The town of Nichols received a South Carolina Emergency Preparedness and Storm Resiliency Grant from Duke Energy for $15,000, which will go toward camera equipment to monitor major roadways in the town.

“It’s a way that we can actually check and see how our roadways are,” said Police Chief Reggie Brown said.

The cameras help officials monitor water levels, traffic and road damage for evacuation and flooding purposes. Nichols hasn’t fully recovered from flooding from hurricanes Matthew and Florence, and officials are focused on preparing for the next flood.

“Once you flood, once you’ve gone through that, once you’ve lost everything, your life is never the same,” said Sandee Rogers, the town administrator.

Town officials, police, and first responders can watch the camera on their phones through a live feed.

“It’s a tool we can use, not just the police department, but all our first responders can use it,” Brown said.

Brown said this will have a positive impact on the community and is thankful to Duke Energy for the grant.

“I think it will impact the community successfully because you always want something that outlasts you,” Brown said. “If I move away or retire, they still will have the camera systems here.”