The City of Florence is excited to open a new addition for children to enjoy just in time for summer. 

Businesses around the area said this new water pad is exactly what the city needed. 

“We’re excited because it can bring a new age group to town and maybe a couple of new faces and while finding us they’re also enjoying the splash pad,” said instructor at Flow Town Yoga, Denise Howard. 

The heart of Downtown Florence added a new interactive water pad that’s named after the city manager Andrew H. Griffin. 

“We’re just really excited about it being here, and we hope that we can partner up with downtown Florence in the future to have some fun events if they allow us,” said Howard. 

With hot temperatures taking over the Pee Dee, city officials decided to kick off summer break with this new addition. 

“We wanted to add something that brings a little youth, that way parents can come have lunch, go to the museum, let the kids play in the water feature and then go home,” said development director Clint Moore. 

There’s currently no lifeguards on duty when the park is open, so city officials warn parents to be careful. 

“We do have an attendant to keep on eye on things and make sure everything stays clean, everybody is doing what they’re supposed to do and escort them to the restroom whenever they request that,” said Moore. 

If you would like to join the fun, the park is open for kids 12 and under.