New weapon-detecting tech comes to Florence One high schools

Pee Dee

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence One Schools has introduced an upgrade to security systems in its high schools.

It’s called Evolv Technology, and it replaced the schools’ conventional metal detectors.

Two units have been installed at Wilson, West Florence and South Florence High Schools. A third is on the way for each school.

“It’s a lot easier for everyone all around,” Directotr of Security and School Safety Doug Nunally said. “It helps us get a large number of people screened and into the building in the short time frame we have available.”

Every student entering the building must pass through the detectors. The units are designed to overlook things like keys, cell phones and head phones, while searching for more nefarious items.

“This system is a weapons, explosives detection system,” Nunally said. “This is programmed and designed to look for weapons and explosives.”

The students’ Chromebooks, though, do set off the system. For now, students must remove their school-issued Chromebooks before passing through the scanners. A fix is in the works.

Students say the new system is much more streamlined during the morning rush.

“This is way easier,” South Florence freshman Shakia Lockhart said. “The old one, you had to give them your book bag wait for them to check it, then get your book bag, zip everything back up. It was very chaotic.”

Florence One Schools is the second school district in the country to have this technology.

Each detector is leased to the district for $2,000 a month. Nunnally says they’re worth every penny.

“We’re getting this new equipment, and it’s cutting edge,” Nunnally said. “And yes it’s expensive, but can you put a price on the safety of one student?”

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