Non-profit organization helps cope with loss of children in the Pee Dee

Pee Dee

‘Hello Again’ is hosting an event in Darlington on Saturday to help parents around the area cope with the loss of a child. 

From one side of the world to the other, Kate and Dominique shared a special bond after losing someone and helping others cope with similar situations. 

“Somehow by some amazing way that’s always meant to be. Dominique got across Facebook and reached out to me and said I started this community all around with grief and healing. She said there’s a lot of focus on parents when they lose a child but not as much as support for the siblings,” said Kate Fitzsimons, from Australia. 

A friendship that began with a tragedy. 

“In 2012 my sister was killed in a motor bike accident while she was on vacation back in Thailand,” said Fitzsimons. 

“On my son’s 17th birthday we just went for a regular day at the beach and they were both were caught in a riptide current,” said organizer Dominique McFarland. 

Dominique and Kate grieved in their own way by starting organizations in their hometown and reaching out to different families who lost someone close to them.

“Tragedy can tear apart anyone, but it can also be what brings people together. I know I’m here to help heal other siblings but they’re also going to help me in my own journey of grief,” said Fitzsimons. 

By having an active grief support organization, the two women decided to do something different for the community. 

“Tragedy such as this, don’t just affect the parents, but the family,” said McFarland. 

Dominique plans to join with parents on April 27 at Darlington High school from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

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