FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — With Christmas just days away, some people may be considering adopting a fur baby, whether for themselves or a loved one.

Jayne Boswell, president of the Florence Area Humane Society, offered some tips for potential pet owners but said holiday adoptions aren’t always a good idea.

“Honestly, we discourage that,” she said. “We don’t like the idea of someone being surprised with the gift of a dog or a cat for Christmas that they’ve never seen or interacted with.”

Boswell said she and her staff members have seen animals be returned because people don’t want the responsibility or because they didn’t do their research on the type of animal they were taking home.

“You want to find a pet that fits your lifestyle, your circumstances, a pet that will bond with you, and that takes a little time,” she said.

Boswell said she tells people to come by the shelter, located on 1434 McCurdy Road, and spend time with the animal before they decide to adopt.

“Make sure that you are in a place in your life that you want to take on the responsibility of owning a pet,” she said. “You know, we like to think that it’s a lifelong commitment to that animal. It’s not like going shopping and you pick out an outfit and you get it home and maybe it didn’t look so good at home as it did in the store and you can just return it.”.

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