Regency Hospital of Florence rented out space inside MUSC Health Florence Medical Center to treat its critcal care patients. The hospital will occupy the second and third floors of the south tower.

On Monday, Regency hosted an open house to show community members the new facility at MUSC. Regency leaders said the move will help them bring patients better call all within one building.

“To be closer in house and provide extra care for our patients, so that if procedures need done or anything, that we can do them in-house. We’re a part of them and can use their facilities as well,” said CEO Amy Metz.

The new facility will have 40 rooms like their Cedar Street location. But, the rooms are larger, and there is a rehabilitation gym. Staff believe the extra space will improve recovery results.

“If they’re just laying their in the bed, they run the risk of contracting infections like blood clots and pneumonia. We want our patients up and moving as opposed to just getting up and walking a hallway,” said Keith Graham, Director of Quality Management.

Patients treated at Regency Hospital have been in the Intensive Care Unit and stay about 25 days. On Tuesday, they will be brought to the new facility via ambulance. Graham estimates the process will take about 8 hours.

“We will be moving them every 15 minutes. We have multiple EMS units that are going to be transporting our patients. It’s all about the patient safety.”

The Cedar Street location will continue its day services, but all long-term patients will receive treatment at the MUSC location starting Tuesday.