SC students get help with in-person Academic Recovery Camps as school year nears

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DILLON, SC (WBTW) — Several school districts around South Carolina have started their in-person Academic Recovery Camps as the school year approaches.

One of those districts is Dillon School District Four.

“We have missed school since… March, so our goal is to make sure students are grade level ready,” Principal of Stewart Heights Elementary Dr. Wendy Pace said.

Eighty-nine Dillon Four students have enrolled in the district’s ARC, which is being held at Stewart Heights. The program is for K through third-grade students.

Dr. Price said it was a major effort in preparing the camp. “We had to think about every aspect that our children would come in contact with each other,” she said.

“The staff. Loading the bus. Unloading the bus. Entering the building. Getting their lunch. Getting their breakfast. All of that we had to make sure we were social distancing and every precaution was taken.”

The state department of education says 48 school districts are planning to hold in-person Academic Recovery Camps, 21 of which have already started. The camps focus on reading and math, and are targeted at the most ‘at risk’ learners, education officials say.

Officials say these camps could be a good opportunity for districts to run through new procedures on a smaller scale.

Many safety measures were observed at the Dillon Four’s ARC, from temperature checks at arrival, to eating lunches in classrooms, along with plenty of masks and sanitizing.

“It’s still undetermined as to how the new school year is going to start,” Dr. Pace said. “But I’m hoping that the kids who are here will be better prepared and hopefully the other kids will mimic these kids and follow the same procedures.”

She said the students seemed happy to be back Monday. “Kids crave socialization. They really do, and they enjoy being in a routine and following a routine,” she said.

Additional districts are holding virtual sessions, state officials said. Only districts holding in person sessions get specific state funding for the program.

Here is a list of which districts will be holding in person ARCs, as of Monday.

AbbevilleYesJuly 13
AikenYesJuly 7
Anderson 01YesJuly 20
Anderson 02YesJuly 6
Anderson 03YesJuly 6
Anderson 05YesJuly 13
Bamberg 01YesJuly 13
Bamberg 02YesJuly 13
Barnwell 19YesJuly 13
Barnwell 29YesJuly 7
Barnwell 45YesJuly 13
BeaufortYesJuly 20
BerkeleyYesJuly 13
CharlestonYesJuly 20
CherokeeYesJuly 13
ChesterYesJuly 6
ChesterfieldYesJuly 7
Clarendon 03YesJuly 6
DarlingtonYesJune 29
Dillon 04YesJuly 6
EdgefieldYesJuly 6
Erskine CharterYesJuly 1-13
Florence 01YesJune 29
Florence 02YesJuly 1
Florence 03YesJuly 6
Florence 05YesJuly 6
GreenvilleYesJuly 20
Greenwood 51YesJuly 20
Greenwood 52YesJuly 6
Hampton 01YesJuly 7
Lexington 04YesJuly 13
Lexington/Richland 5YesJuly 6
McCormickYesJune 23
SaludaYesJuly 20
SCPCSDYesVaries by school
Spartanburg 01YesJuly 6
Spartanburg 02YesJuly 13
Spartanburg 03YesJuly 20
Spartanburg 05YesJuly 20
Spartanburg 06YesTBD
Spartanburg 07YesJuly 20
UnionYesJuly 6
York 01YesJuly 6
York 02YesJuly 6
York 04YesJuly 6
Source: South Carolina Department of Education

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