SCHP investigates string of hit and run cases in the Pee Dee

Pee Dee

In recent weeks, there’s been several hit and run incidents in Florence, but some cases can go unsolved for months or even years. 

According to SCHP each case is different, many remain unsolved but they continue to stay open for years because often the public can help. 

“Someone may notice that a neighbor’s car that’s usually parked in the driveway is now parked behind the house or covered up or maybe they see a neighbor’s car that has damage on it,” said LCPL. Sonny Collins. 

The latest hit and run killed 4-year-old Emily Grace Hall, who was struck on Pamplico Highway at Lakeview Drive. 

News13 asked the highway patrol why some drivers leave the scene after a crash. 

“Sometimes it can be very minor reasons why the don’t stop. It can be something with bigger consequences, such as DUI or other things,” said Collins. 

Once troopers arrive, all evidence collected from the scene is important to the investigation. 

“We use debris that is left behind. Whether it’s pieces of the vehicle, paint chips, or paint transfer. We can start narrowing the search, like who owns the vehicle, where is the vehicle, and then we can start working through to identify the driver,” said Collins. 

The SCHP said there are times when there is little evidence. 

“Sometimes we have to utilize public help which is always helpful and we get a lot of tips when we do have a hit and run, so public input is vital,” said Collins. 

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