Some Pee Dee families experience problems with virtual learning

Pee Dee

DILLON, SC (WBTW) — Tuesday marked the start of the school year for several districts and thousands of students across the Pee Dee.

While that meant heading back into the classroom for many students, others spent the day in front of a screen, learning from home.

That didn’t come without a few snags, though.

Jacqueline Negron of Marion said her two daughters have had a lot of trouble logging on and completing assignments.

“The computers either would not letting us log in, was telling us we were not able. It would take us to the page and drop us back off, got us logged off,” Negron described.

She said she has gone to the school several times in an effort to get things straightened out.

“I took them four times yesterday to school,” she said. “They were telling me they fixed them. I’d bring them back home put them on my internet. Not working.”

Mid-day Wednesday, Negron said her youngest daughter hadn’t been able to do any work at all. She was frustrated and said she will keep advocating because her children need to get a good education. She believes the computers provided are too old.

“I’ve been thinking what was the best choice for them and thinking the best choice was this. I guess it wasn’t,” she said.

Marion County School District said Tuesday was overall a ‘great’ opening but said there were some tech problems.

The district added that tech problems were not exclusive to Marion. It said district teams as well as state partners are working on the issues, especially for hot spot issues.

Dillon School District Four Superintendent Ray Rogers also said hot spots in his district were an issue.

He said it’s a problem in many areas of the state.

“Some of them live in areas that are just totally not receiving anything,” he said. “If we have to we’ll pull school buses out to certain areas where they can pick up on it. There’s churches, there are businesses that are providing it for their neighborhoods.”

Rogers said that Verizon is working on a fix.

The company told News13 it is ‘aware of the issue and…looking into it.’ A spokesperson added the company isn’t sure ‘yet whether or not it’s a Verizon issue at this point.’

Count on News13 for updates.

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