Student apologizes after post caused panic in Florence 1 Schools

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FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – A student has apologized after a social media post caused panic in the Florence 1 Schools community on Wednesday.

“I sincerely apologize to the Florence community for any misunderstandings about what I said,” the apology, posted by Superintendent Richard O’Malley, reads. “There was never any threat to the school and I apologize for the trouble that happened because of me. Also for anyone I scared due to the misleading posts that were spread I’m sorry and I really didn’t mean for all this to happen.”

The student is a junior at South Florence High School, according to the post.

The district decided that the post was not a credible threat, according to O’Malley’s message. However, multiple parents picked their children up from school on Wednesday due to the post, and another that was written. O’Malley said that chain reaction “provided enough information to cause fear and chaos across this school community.”

The school asked the student behind the first post to write a “sincere apology” to the community to “ensure everyone that this was not a credible threat.”

“Although the action by the student was unacceptable, I respect that he/she had the character to accept responsibility and the consequences of his/her behavior and wanted to apologize to his/her school community,” O’Malley wrote in the message.

The second post, authored by “Aunty Becky,” caused “the same, if not more, disruption and chaos.” O’Malley is asking the community for help in finding the person behind the post. 

O’Malley continues in his message to thank law enforcement for their help in the situation. He asks for parents to report concerns about student safety to the school, instead of spreading them through social media.

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