Three Florence schools that closed due to water issues will reopen Thursday

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Three schools in Florence were canceled on Wednesday due to a construction project that’s caused water problems.  

“Currently Alligator Road is a two-way highway and certainly what we have is a water line that’s underneath. That needs to be relocated because it’s not allowed to be underneath the widened highway,” said Florence City Manager Drew Griffin. 

The single valve that supplies water to South Florence High School, Southside Middle School, and the Florence Career Center was completely replaced. As of 8:30 Wednesday evening the water has been checked and cleared so that students may return to class Thursday.

News13 previously reported on Tuesday afternoon that a student from South Florence High School claimed the bathrooms had low water pressure or no water at all. 

“We have to disconnect, move the water line, tie the water line back in and during those periods of times they’re some disruptions over water service. That’s what going on right now,” said Griffin. 

Due to these disruptions, South Florence High School, Southside Middle School, and the Florence Career Center had to shut down for the day until this problem is resolved. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Florence One Schools tweeted:

“The road-widening project and new waterline installation on Alligator/Howe Springs, caused trash to get in the new line resulting in failure to main valve that controls water at Southside, Career Center and South Florence. A new valve will be installed and water will be restored today”

According to the city, this is something that needs to be done. 

“Because if you have a water line break, of course that water line break or storm water or other utilities can create a disturbance and may cause a sinkhole to occur within the pave portion of the road,” said Griffin. 

SCDOT said phase one of this project is expected to be completed by August 15, 2020. 

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