Woman in the Pee Dee recovering from stroke, wants to help others

Pee Dee

Ann Addison suffered a stroke just two months ago and for a while she lost the ability to talk, move, or even walk.

Now at 70 years old she’s lucky to be alive and wants to help others going through something similar. 

“He’s the one that saved my life, my grand baby. I thank god for all he did to help me” said Addison. 

On March 11, the unthinkable happened for the Addison family. 

“I was actually at work and my son called me to tell me something was wrong with my mom. He then took her to the hospital,” said son Naquian Addison. 

When she arrived to the hospital, doctors thought it was a heart attack, but things quickly changed. 

“That Wednesday morning or sometime that Tuesday night, she ended up having a stroke and when I walked in to see her that Wednesday, she wasn’t talking. She was here but really wasn’t” said Addison’s son. 

Addison wasn’t able to walk or swallow and her son didn’t know if her mom would make it. 

“I prayed, and I said God if my mom doesn’t do nothing else, let her talk,” said Addison’s son. 

A couple days later, Naquain visited her and wasn’t sure what to expect. 

“I looked at her and said do you know who I am, and she said yeah and I just said thank you, Jesus,” said Naquain. 

After weeks of rehab at Encompass Health in Florence, the Addison family is grateful to have Ann around. 

“I thank all of them, all the doctors and nurses,” said Ann. 

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