LAKE CITY, S.C. (WBTW) – Lake City police have arrested a man they say offered to drive a 17-year-old girl home, but instead raped her.

Police said they were notified on Jan. 26 by the girl that she had been raped 2 months earlier, according to police.

The girl said she was walking home from work when Andrew Singletary, 53, pulled his truck over near her and asked her why she was walking home alone in the dark, according to authorities.

The girl told Singletary the apartment complex she was headed to before he offered to drive her there, according to police. She told the police she agreed and got into the truck.

Singletary took a different road than the one the apartment was on, telling the girl he had something to show her, according to the report. That was when she said she attempted to leave the vehicle but was unable to, police reported.

Singletary took the girl to his home, instead, where he raped her, according to authorities.

Prior to the incident, police said the girl told them Singletary had been stalking her at work.

Singletary was charged with criminal sexual conduct, 1st degree and is being held without bond.