Police make arrest in ongoing drug investigation in Myrtle Beach


Officers with the Myrtle Beach Police Department have made an arrest as part of an operation in an ongoing drug investigation. 

According to a press release from the department, officers with the Street Crime Unit and the ATF Task Force arrested Marcus Dwayne Grissett, Thursday. Grissett, 35, is from Myrtle Beach. 

Grissett is charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, trafficking heroin, distribution of heroin, distribution of crack cocaine, and resisting arrest. 

He was at a bond hearing Friday afternoon, where a Judge set a bond of $464 for one of his offenses, the resisting arrest charge. The Judge gave Grissett the option of a surety or cash bond.

The Judge did not set bond on all of his other charges and allowed the case to be sent to the Circuit Court for a decision. This came after the State’s solicitor spoke and recommended the Judge not set bond.

“He’s out on bond right now for what’s considered a violent offense, and because he was charged with another violent offense, a statutorily considered violent offense, the State can object to a Magistrate or a Municipal Judge setting his bond,” said Josh Holford, the Senior Assistant Solicitor at the Horry County Solicitor’s Office, who attended the bond hearing.

The State solicitor also pointed out that Grissett has a pending case with the Solicitor’s Office; another reason why they chose to ask the Judge to not set bond.

“Mr. Grissett has a pending burglary first case with our office, and that is considered statutorily violent,” said the State’s Solicitor.

His arrest is part of an ongoing investigation into drug sales in the Myrtle Beach area. 

“I am proud of our officers and their hard work to hold Mr. Grissett accountable for his actions in our community,” said Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock. “I am thankful to our community for your support, and this arrest is one of many steps in the right direction to keep our city safe.”

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