Police: Marion man buys woman drinks at a bar, asks her for a ride, kidnaps her


MARION, S.C (WBTW) — Marion police have arrested a man after they say he met a woman at a bar, asked her for a ride and kidnapped her.

On May 30, officers responded to a home on the 800 block of Gibson street in reference to a kidnapping, according to incident reports obtained by News13.

When officers arrived a woman told them she was at Rasta Hut when Kenneth Stevenson sat beside her at the bar and began talking to her, according to the report.

Stevenson continued to buy her drinks until the bar closed and then asked her if he could have a ride home, according to police.

The woman, according to the report, agreed, and when Stevenson got into the vehicle he pulled out a gun and “aggressively told her to turn the car around” causing her to wreck.

The woman said Stevenson then forced her to get out of the vehicle and follow him to a house where there was another male, according to police.

The victim claims she must have blacked out because she didn’t remember how she ended up in a t-shirt and boxers until Stevenson told her she had thrown up on herself and he gave her a change of clothes, according to police.

Stevenson began calling her “bae” and the woman said she played along, walking into the living room with him, according the report.

When they entered the room, the woman said there were three other guys there, according to police. The woman claims she was able to get close to the door and ran outside, not stopping as Stevenson followed her yelling, “You’re just going to leave me like that?”

The woman continued to run, passing through a couple yards and jumping two fences before stopping beside a barn and lying down, according to police.

When she woke up, the woman found herself shirtless, not remembering how the shirt came off, according to the report. She then went across the street and knocked on the door, asking the woman who answered if she could have a shirt and a phone.

Stevenson is being charged with aggravated assault, pointing a weapon, kidnapping, unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. He is being held at the Marion County Detention Center without bond.

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