MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Rosen Sea Inn will be closed to prevent further illegal activity there through a temporary injunction.

Officers presented evidence that Rosen Sea employees and management routinely rented rooms to drug dealers, knowing that they intended to use the rooms for drug sales, according to Cpl. Tom Vest. They also carried persons who overdosed off the Rosen Sea property and dumped them on adjacent properties to avoid drawing the attention of law enforcement, Vest said. 

Rosen Sea employees and management accepted stolen property in exchange for rent, used their rooms to sell illegal drugs and for acts of prostitution, according to the report. They also fronted illegal drugs to drug dealers and allowed them to pay for the drugs later at the front office and charged an additional “tax” to rent the room to sell drugs, police said.

Police posted the Rosen Sea Inn property as a nuisance and are working with the city to secure it. The order is valid through February 12, 2021, or the date of a final order in this matter.

“Our goal is compliance and property owners are accountable for the management of their properties; we will not allow these acts to take place in our city,” said Chief Amy Prock. “During the time officers were working on the property, several community members approached our officers to thank us for our work to stop the illegal acts at the Inn.

“Nuisance properties don’t just affect those living nearby; they affect all of us who live, work, and visit our city,” Chief Prock said.