Political flyers get ‘nasty’ in Surfside Beach


SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW)-     Polls open on Tuesday and some candidates say they’re concerned about negative campaign flyers going around town.

“There was one put out a month or so ago that called me a drunk, it called me a bully,” said Incumbent Mayor Doug Samples. “Some of them are just so outlandish.”

Certainly not what you would expect from a town that calls itself the Family Beach.

Bob Childs is also in the race for Mayor. He says Surfside residents take local politics very seriously.

“There always a little bit more contentious then a lot of campaigns,” stated Childs

Childs almost made it without one negative flyer printed about him, until a yellow flyer arrived in the mail Monday. The flyer used the town’s trademarked logo.

“At first I thought it was a compliment and the more I read it, it was kind of a back door left handed compliment,” said Childs.

Officials say the flyer was not sanctioned by the town or any of its employees.

“I don’t believe that it came from a town employee,” said Childs.

He believes the flyer was a last minute and expensive attempt to sway voters.

“They were all hand stamped. Fifty cent a stamp can add up to a lot of money,” he explained.

Doug Samples hopes voters will ignore the negativity.

“I have confidence in the people who live in the town of Surfside Beach,” he said.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m on Election Day.

Polling Locations-  Precinct #1: Dick M. Johnson Civic Center, 829 N Pine Drive and Precinct #2 and Precinct #4: Surfside United Methodist Church, 800 13th Avenue N, Surfside Beach. Residents living in Precinct #4 vote at Surfside United Methodist Church for Town of Surfside Beach elections.

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