WASHINGTON (WBTW) — U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to criticize a decision to not send multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine.

“The idea more sophisticated weapons would be ‘escalatory’ is hard to accept given the fact Putin’s forces are using savage tactics to decimate Ukraine,” he tweeted. “If we do not stop Putin in Ukraine, this war only gets bigger over time.”

He said that the weapons system would help Ukraine attack Russian forces from greater distances and that “The United States cannot let Putin dictate the terms of our support.”

President Joe Biden announced Monday that his administration would not send the weapons due to the systems’ ability to reach into Russia.

Graham has previously criticized the delay between approving support for Ukraine and when the country has received it.

“It is clear Ukraine is determined to fight for their freedom and to protect the sovereignty of their nation,” he tweeted. “They deserve our support. We must give Ukraine to not only fight but to win!”