MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — South Carolina lawmakers are proposing new regulations that will make it easier for people in the state to buy alcoholic beverages.

Despite mixed review from the Senate, the Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to advance legislations that allows spiked desserts to consumers — but with new regulations.

House lawmakers said it would address an inadequacy currently in state law that allows desserts containing alcohol, such as popsicles, to be sold by convenience stores and mobile businesses .  South Carolina currently allows alcohol to be used as an ingredient in food products. This allows spiked food to avoid inspection by agencies like SLED and the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

During the pandemic people were allowed to buy alcoholic beverages curbside, and South Carolina lawmakers are pushing to make it permanent.

The committee included new proposals that did not pass in last years legislative session.

House bill 3575 passed in the House and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Under the bill, certain businesses would be able offer delivery or pick-up services of beer and wine. The committee also voted to advance a bill that would allow people in the state to order beer and wine to their homes.

Restaurants and bars would not be allowed to offer delivery services.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on April 26, some lawmakers were against the changes and wanted better restrictions as well as more time to discuss the amendment.

“I don’t think we thought this through. and if you know the number one cause of death in this state is not fentanyl, or heroin or opioids. It’s alcohol. This is the most dangerous drug out there and we just put it in the Popsicle that a kid can get?” said Sen. Dick Harpootlian (D-Richland).

Other Senators added that the proposed amendments are the best way to add regulations to an already popular industry.