WASHINGTON (WBTW) — Sen. Lindsey Graham took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to blast the ongoing hearings about the Jan. 6 storming of former President Donald Trump’s supporters at the U.S. Capitol.

“It remains unchanged that January 6 was a dark day in American history,” Graham ended a Twitter thread, which began with him sharing a Fox News article refuting testimony that Trump lunged to take the wheel away from a Secret Service agent in order to drive to the Capitol. “But this committee’s efforts to politicize the events in a sham, one-sided Star Chamber tribunal, will not end well.”

The tweets come a day after Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aid, told the Jan. 6 committee that Trump became “irate” after he was told he couldn’t join his supporters.

Graham questioned media coverage of the testimony.

“In typical mainstream media fashion, they buy everything thrown out by the January 6 committee — hook, line and sinker,” he tweeted. “Apparently, the dramatic testimony given yesterday when put under some scrutiny is not what it first appeared to be. If it is true the Secret Service denies the allegations against President Trump of lunging and assaulting officers, then the story is really passing along gossip that did not bear fruit. The committee, with a little bit of effort, could have told the other side of the story but they chose NOT to because they wanted sensational headlines. When it comes to Trump, every bad thing is true because they want it to be.”