Positively Carolina: Medical students in Conway raise money to buy essential goods for parents


CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Medical students at Campbell University raised money for families who couldn’t afford essentials during the pandemic.

Campbell students completing coursework at Conway Medical Center had their clinical rotations cut short and decided to start a fundraiser as a way to continue to give back to parents and children in our area.

“Families are suffering right now,” student and fundraiser organizer, McKenzie Montana said. “Especially children. We wanted to do a fundraiser for them so they could get the essentials and parents could use the other funds that they have for other things like food and shelter.”

Montana says she wants to be a pediatrician one day so this was something personal to her.

“Rotating throughout the hospital we were able to interact and realize how important it is in the community that we were able to give back to them,” she explained. “So just meeting them really sparked my interest of helping them.”

“Ms. McKenzie; an outstanding student who wants to do pediatrics, contacted me via email and said, her and her classmates wanted to help out with our patients and give them supplies because they know everybody is out of work,” Conway Medical Center pediatrician, Marc Bahan said. “She asked me what I thought they would need the most and I said, diapers, diaper wipes and a little bit of clothing.”

The essential items were much appreciated by Andrea Beach, a mother of five who lost her job during the pandemic.
“Right now I’m just taking care of my kids,” Beach said. “I just found out my son has diabetes so just trying to bear with that and get everything back in this situation.”

Beach is staying at New Directions Shelter with her five children, her youngest, just two months old.

“I walked in the office the other day, I was going to my daughters two month check up to get her shot and they were just like, “Here you go!,” I was just like, amazing,” Beach explained. “It was the perfect size; I needed it again. They gave me the wipes and everything so I definitely appreciate it because diapers can be very expensive especially during this time. You’re not getting any paycheck, you’re not getting anything like that so just for them to do that. I really appreciate it.”

In a statement to News13, Conway Medical Center said, “The Conway Medical Center Foundation was able to match the $400 raised by McKenzie and team  and then added another $200 for an even $1,000.  Once we learned that it would be benefiting needy families in our community we offered to support the efforts.   We look forward to working more with the Campbell medical students and our first class of residents in the future in support for our community.”

To donate or learn more about the CMC Foundation, click here.

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