Non-profit dance studio aims to help children in the Pee Dee

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FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Dance instructor, Dennis James Breedlove, has been dancing for years, and now he wants to share his talents to the younger generation in Florence County.

“DJB as born out of the need to want to get the kids that are good, bad, in between and give them something to be a part of,” said Breedlove.

“DJB” stands for Dance Just Beautiful, a name Dennis wants everyone to remember.

“Kids who are struggling academically, this could turn them around. That kid who’s shy, this could give them that confidence and those children who have special needs,” said Breedlove.

Whether children are in it for the long run or just attend classes for a couple of weeks, his goal is to build confidence and relationships among his students that will last a lifetime.

“As a whole art doesn’t exclude, art is welcoming. Dance has always been taught in the circle, in any other aspect we gather in a circle to celebrate as a community,” said Breedlove.

The dance studio will incorporate wellness classes not just for children but for adults too.

“We’ll have a dance component, from karate, yoga, Pilates, silent meditation, and there’s a class called releasing and basically that’s when you come to class and you just release. All those classes will be for adults along with some of the dance classes,” said Breedlove.

Dennis also tells News13 he’s interested in three locations where students can enjoy.

“One will be a dance studio primarily, one will be a dance store, and the other will be a multipurpose space. So like a dance black box theater,” said Breedlove.

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