A leg up for House: Hundreds raised for cook in need of prosthetic leg

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SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Dagwood’s Deli in Surfside Beach is raising money to help one of their own.

Eric “House” Woolard has cooked at Dagwood’s for five years, but hasn’t been working since the beginning of summer.

House battles a bone disease that impacts extremities like hands and feet. Recently the disease attacked his foot.

He developed an infection days before foot surgery in June.

“It was either try to fight it and have a chance of losing my life or have my leg taken. So, I had to get my leg taken,” said House.

Now he’s getting used to his temporary prosthetic that will last three to five years, but it isn’t easy.

“When you first get it you think you can get up and go,” said House.

He says he will have better mobility in a permanent prosthetic and could eventually exercise again.

On Friday Dagwood’s hosted a fundraiser for House.

Hundreds of barbeque plates were sold and food ran out before dinner time.

Drink specials and raffle tickets with promising prizes kept customers generous.

After News13 aired House’s story in the 5 p.m. broadcast, an anonymous donor dropped by the restaurant.

“$1,000 cash. Can you believe it? They’re asking someone in the community to beat their donation,” said Maribeth Lamuraglia, Assistant General Manager.

House says the support has been overwhelming and he looks forward to getting back to work soon.

“It’s amazing honestly. Lifts you up when you get down and everything,” said House.

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