CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Amarah Barnett is going into third grade at Waccamaw Elementary School. At 8 years old, she already has left her mark on the community. 

Barnett is in her second year of serving lemonade to raise money to buy school supplies and clothing for her classmates who cannot afford them.

Her dad, Ed Barnett, said the idea stemmed from wanting to find a way to give back to her community. He said that for someone so young, she has such a good heart. 

“I mean, I wouldn’t have thought to do it,” he said. “So, for my 7-year-old, now 8-year-old to think to give back to her school…it’s definitely amazing.”

Amarah said she chose this option of giving back because of what she saw in school. 

“[Some students] don’t have something to hold their school supplies, and they have to carry everything every day,” she said. 

Amarah said she noticed it was making the students feel sad. 

Last year, she raised more than $800 that went toward buying school supplies and clothing. This year, her family extended the lemonade stand into a multiday event. They have already raised more than $500 and are expecting to raise more this weekend. 

The lemonade and snacks at the stand all cost $1. Customers range from neighbors to city firefighters. 

“Firefighters and first responders and everybody stopped by a lot [last year],” Ed Barnett said. 

Amarah’s family and friends could not be prouder. 

“I’m such a proud [dad],” Ed Barnett said. “That’s why I just kept just standing there with a smile on my face. I’m very proud that she’s doing it.”

Even her school principal said she is making a substantial impact. 

“The impact is really immeasurable because we not only help the kids who are here in our building, but we also help their families,” Waccamaw Elementary School Principal Leslie Huggins said. “It’s kind of one of those heart bursts kind of moments for me. This is what we want kids to do.”

She said she is proud to see her students representing the school so well. 

“I’m super proud of her,” Huggins said. “That’s what we are trying to grow them to be, are those great contributing members of our society.”

Amarah told News13 that her work is not done. She hopes to continue putting on the lemonade stand in years to come.

As for what is on the horizon for Amarah, she hopes to continue service work in her future. 

“I want to be a police officer when I grow up,” she said. “We need more girl police officers ’cause there’s a lot of boy police officers.”