DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) Thirty inmates have received baptisms at the W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center, according to Corporal Allison Days.

The jail first started offering baptism services after a revival event in August where 20 inmates were saved. More inmates wanted to receive Christ into their life, so the jail decided to have a baptism ceremony on October 5th.

Eighteen inmates participated in the baptism.

“The first baptism was very exciting even for the ministers that participated in it. It was a shift in the atmosphere to be charged, but to know that even though you may be guilty, God has forgiven you of your sins,” said Corporal Days.

On November 16, twelve more inmates had the baptism opportunity.

“You could see the love of God that was coming through them because I could immediately see them and how they were embracing and loving one another,” said Reverend Dominick McPhail.

McPhail is one of the pastors who helps with the baptism ceremonies and Christian events at the detention center.

Some of the inmates baptized have since been released from jail. Officials believe they’ve changed for the better.

“I know some of them that have got out that used to come back, and they have not been back yet. That to me, is improvement,” said Patricia Ray, Jail Administrator.

Ray told News13 the jail plans to continue offering baptisms, but the next one isn’t scheduled yet.