Good Samaritans help elderly driver in the Pee Dee

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FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Two Good Samaritans, Reggie German and Michelle Jones helped an elderly woman as she was driving along Five Points intersection in Florence. Joy McKnight captured the moment and shared it on her Facebook page:

I just witness true goodness in this world. There was an elderly woman stuck at five points. She had gotten her car pointed to the median and could not get it turned right to re-enter traffic. After several attempts she just kept hitting the median. I am 2 lanes over and helpless. By myself with the girls. I sat broken hearted. When I saw this gentleman run up to her car. Passenger side. Walk over. Gently help her out of her car (while another woman joined in to assist helping her in the passenger seat) I had to drive away but I am so thankful there are good people in this world. If you know him. Please tell him I saw him today and I made sure my girls saw too!

German and Jones spoke with News13 about the experience.

“It was just off of instinct what can I do to help. Somebody is in trouble what can I do to help,” German says.

Reggie German says he and his wife were out running errand when they noticed someone going the wrong way at the Five Points intersection in Florence. Michelle Jones, who also saw the elderly driver, says she was driving up Cashua Dr and crossed lanes turning too early. Then she turned into the merge lane backwards. They both sprung into action to help this woman to avoid getting badly injured or worse.

“We got her in the passenger side. I got in the driver seat and was able to back up and get her inside the bank parking lot and get her in the right direction,” German says.

They went to the Wells Fargo located on West Palmetto where they decided what to do next to help the elderly woman get home safe.

“She wouldn’t give us an the closest thing she would give us is Pamplico Highway and I thought well that’s a long way so I said I tell you what I’m going to pull my car in front of you and I said it’s easily recognizable it’s a little box. How about you follow that and I’ll get you home,” Jones says.

She says she has not been able to reunite with German and his wife, but she is thankful they were there to help.

“Had he not opened his door…I knew I could not move her by myself in that busy traffic…and him opening that door was like God opening a window because when I saw him I just knew.. I immediately just said thank you I knew that’s what he was meant for,” Jones says.

Jones says she is amazed by the response on Facebook and says this is something we can do every day — if you see someone in need…help.

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