MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Support Military Families brought the North Pole to Myrtle Beach on Wednesday in an effort to fill Christmas care packages for military spouses and their children.

Stuffed animals, coloring books, bibles, and even had written Christmas cards were placed in hundred large cardboard boxes.

One of the volunteers told News13, the most special part of filling the packages is that in a time that feels most divided, people from different walks of life worked together in the name of love for military families.

“Everybody is so happy and glad that they’re doing this,” David Post said. Post who served in the Vietnam War said the packages were stuffed with love.

Back when Diane Rumley and her husband founded Support Military Families, they filled 35 boxes. This Christmas 2,000 packages will be filled and hand delivered sending a message of appreciation.

“They are loved and they are appreciated and their sacrifice matters,” Rumley explained.

It’s a sacrifice, one mother of four knows all too well.

“We know that we’re not the only ones sacrificing a lot because he’s missing a lot and we can’t wait to see him,” Tera Miller said with tears filling her eyes.

Miller whose husband serves in the Army drove from Fayetteville, North Carolina Wednesday morning for her kids to be apart of a familiar act of kindness.

“It resonates with us,” Miller said. “The warmth in your heart that you feel when you walk away and you’re like, you know, I was able to give back and it feels good to do that,” she explained.

Volunteers like Post said it’s the love for military families like the Millers that brought everyone together.

“I just want make sure everyone that’s in the service, the spouses that are home with the children – they know there’s a lot of people backing them,” Post explained.

For the first time in 11 years, the online registration for the care packages filled up in 24 hours. Rumley said it usually takes two weeks. Volunteers have two days to get the boxes filled.

Some military families from Fayetteville to Charleston can expect Christmas package hand delivered on December 4th. “They are so selfless and they are so grateful,” Rumley said with tears in her eyes.

“I wish you could see them get the care package. You would do this all day long. It means a lot. More than a teddy bear. More than a piece of jewelry. It truly is the thought that counts with the spouses and their children,” Rumley explained.