Loris family of child with cancer has home repaired

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LORIS, SC (WBTW) — A family in Loris was surprised with a brand new home after dealing with flood damage, and a cancer diagnosis.

The local nonprofit, ‘Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas’ helps children battling cancer who live in Georgetown, Marion, and Horry counties.

For the past few weeks, the group has been repairing the mobile home of a family in Loris who has a child with brain cancer.

9-year-old Brycen was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago. He said he was “shocked” when he saw his new home and Clemson themed bedroom.

Brycen, 9-years-old

“It was tough, it was tough,” Contina Graham, Brycen’s mother said.

Graham said it’s a blessing after living in a home with her 5 children that had no heat, and damaged floors, windows, insulation, and flood damage.

“It was hard. One thing to another thing was tearing up, messing up. One spot here, the next day it’s a spot there,” Contina Graham said.

Thanks to ‘Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas’ President, Jennifer Johnson and her team, the family now has new floors, sub flooring, new windows, cabinets, heating, duct work, a porch, and other needs.

“It was definitely a lot of work but we wanted to do it because we just think Tina and these children deserve it,” Johnson said.

Johnson is a mother of a child with cancer herself. She said doing this for Contina means so much to her.

“I understand Tina’s situation and what she’s going through because she’s a single mom as well of several children and it’s not always easy, but we wanted to make it a little bit easier for her,” Johnson said.

Johnson added, “as an organization being able to put this home back together so we know she’s got somewhere to raise these children, it’s such an amazing feeling.”

Graham said she now has, “a safe home for me and my kids.”

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