Myrtle Beach film company wins rights to Stephen King short story

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Coastal Independent Films, a Myrtle Beach independent film company, recently won the ‘Homegrown Horror Award’ at ‘The Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest‘ in Charleston.

It was for their movie ‘Thirst of the Dead.’ Recently, Coastal Independent Films lost the rights to their award winning movie, but for an impressive reason.

“It’s the zombie apocalypse and there’s a group of survivors that are on a supply run, they stumble on some beer,” Gregory French of Coastal Independent Films said. “So, they get together and they’re celebrating maybe a little bit too loud and that attracts a zombie. And bad things start to happen; Or good things, whose side you’re on.”

Along with Gregory French and Paul Inman, there are around 20-25 active members of Coastal Independent Films. They make a variety of movies.

“We’ve got two Christmas ones,” Inman said. “We actually just put out a, what we’re calling, micro-short Tuesday. And we’re doing a little series that he was writing. It’s based on ‘a guy walks into a bar’ jokes.”

The film company makes a little bit of everything for everyone, and they seem to be the perfect length.

“When we formed the group, we just wanted to make movies for free for everyone,” French said. “Unfortunately, ‘thirst of the dead’ we can’t show anymore because it was sold!”

They sold the rights to their movie to Shorts TV.

“I got this email from this Shorts TV,” French said. “I had never heard of Shorts TV, so I said, ‘Sure I’ll get back to you.’ They wanted to buy our film. One of our actors is a lawyer, so I sent the contract to him, and he was like ‘Dude, this is for real.'”

“It’s really a pretty awesome thing,” Inman said. “If you have Dish Network, for example, it’ll show on that. I think it’s showing in four or five regions around the world and 68 countries.”

“It’s going to be dubbed in 13 different languages,” French said. “So it’s going to be weird; somebody else doing my voice. Well I don’t do many voices. I was the main zombie in this.”

Awards, selling the rights to their movie and being in 68 countries made these guys feel like kings. But real writing royalty eventually came around.

“I secured the rights to a Stephen King short story that we’re starting to move into pre-production now,” Inman said. “It is interesting because you have to apply online and they literally responded in 24 hours; and they were like ‘Yes you can have the rights, here’s the contract.’ And I gave it to our lawyer friend, and he’s like, ‘Well, basically it’s Stephen King, even if it was a terrible contract I’d still say go for it’.”

Who knows how often opportunities like this come around? But French and Inman aren’t going to waste it; they don’t want their shining film careers to end up in the cemetery.

“I mean it’s Stephen King,” Inman said. “We want to do it right.”

“Not that we don’t do everything right. But we want this to be extra right,” French said.

The short story by Stephen King that Coastal Independent Films won the rights to is ‘That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French.’

Coastal Independent Films is always looking for extras or help with their films, and that goes for both on set and financially, especially to get their Stephen King film off the ground.

Here is a link to their GoFund Me page.


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