POSITIVELY CAROLINA: Georgetown woman overcomes life-changing tragedies after finding hat-making talent

Positively Carolina

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTW) – A Georgetown woman turns the loss of two children and a mother in a short period into a vision, one helping others shine.

Tragedy and heartache have overwhelmed Denise Washington for several years after the devastating loss of her two children and mother within months of each other to a tragic house fire and a fight against cancer.

“Two kids in a house fire and three years before that I lost my adopted mother to cancer,” Washington said. “I don’t care how long it has been that’s something you never forget.

Gone but never forgotten. Today, Washington’s lost loved ones would be proud as she’s overcome life-changing trials and multiple near-death experiences.

One of the most recent accidents in 2010 involved intense medical procedures following an 18 wheeler accident that resulted in broken disks in her neck requiring major surgery.

Today, Denise is named a spokesperson for the Southeastern Spine Institute, sharing how she’s overcome years of defeat.

“The moment everything changed for me was back in 1992 that’s when I started getting these weird visions on how to create different things,” Washington tells News13.

From a truck driver to Georgetown’s now well known “Hair Hat Lady,” Denise put her pain to the test turning her skills and creative mindset into a unique handmade masterpiece, each hat one of a kind, but all have just one thing in common, they all shine.

Shining from top to bottom these versatile hats, earrings, necklaces and bag are created with talent and vision she says her mother passed down. Her talent discovery for the hat making hobby challenged the physical and emotional pain turning it into something today she’s proud of.

“People will stop and take pictures with you,” Washington tells News13.

Even after hitting rock bottom, Denise Washington’s story proves there is always a way up.

“I remember what my mom used to tell me. My mother would always say it’s not how you fall it’s how you get back up,” Washington said.

A hobby to distract Denise Washington from physical and emotional pain turned into a one of a kind hat creation platform. Washington tells News13 she hopes to partner with a manufacturing team in the future to grow her vision and product.

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