MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A couple of Carolina Forest postal carriers made a special delivery for Santa on Friday.

It all began when 8 year old Angela Woody woke up to the smell of smoke and ran to her grandma two weeks ago.

“The fire alarm came on and I asked my grandma is there something cooking,” remembered Woody.

Christina Woody, Angela’s grandma was staying with her and recalls “she asked me if I was cooking because I do burn. So. But then we got up and I did not hear the alarm so she really was the savior.”

“Me and my oldest were actually out of town at the time in Florida when I got the call your house is on fire,” remembered Angela’s thankful mom, Bethany Woody.

Thanks to Angela they got out safely, but she was scared and away from mom, so she wrote Santa for help.

“We had no idea, I mean we knew she wrote Santa letters at Christmas but had no idea she sent one after the fire,” said her grandma.

The note made it’s way the Carolina Post Office, “this particular letter was a little late, of course and now that santas on vacation we read the letter and saw Santa needed to me notified,” said postal carrier, Samantha Gregory.

“Being as it’s February Santas sleigh was in the shop so Santa said he’s going to need us the us post office since we deliver to every house everyday,” said Gregory.

So they stepped in and on Friday made sure Christmas could last all year long for a couple of grateful little girls, bringing brand new gifts for them.

Beyond Santa’s presents to replace the ones that were lost, employees at the Carolina Forest Post Office also made donations so the family could also get $200 gift cards to Target.