Preparing for a healthy return to elementary school


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- If you are a parent, you know after the first couple weeks back to school that’s when the colds and viruses start going around. If your child gets sick, they can miss important learning, plus bring those germs home and spread them to you. It starts with good habits to keep illnesses away.

School nurse, Tracie Horton, says, “Encourage your student to wash their hands when they’re at school, I think important for parents is make sure their nutrition, their diet is good, and of course sleep. Sleep is so important.”

And if they do get sick, don’t send them to school to contaminate their classmates.

Horton says, “If your child has a fever, or is sick, don’t send them to school. Even though it’s the first couple weeks of school and they want to send them, just keep them home until they are better and without a fever without any medication.”

At the beginning of the school year, a health card will be coming home in your child’s backpack. This is important for their continued health at school, to let the school nurse know about any medications they may need to take during the school day. This includes inhalers and Epi-Pens.

Horton says, “Nurses throughout the state cannot administer medication without those physician orders. So now would be the time to go ahead and get those orders so when the first day of school arrives, you can meet with the school nurse or bring in those medications.”

And for pre-school and Kindergarten, there is a list of state-wide immunization requirements. Your child must have documentation that they are up-to-date before the first day. Those requirements can be found here.

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