Preparing your home for hurricane evacuation


Millions are facing evacuation order right now and for some, it is a difficult choice, to stay or to go?

Having a home evacuation plan in place is needed now as Hurricane Dorian conditions could accelerate any moment as it moves in direction of the east coast.

In evacuation preparedness, households are urged to gather daily medication and important documents like passports, driver’s license, and social security cards.

In the case of a power outage, do not rely on your cell phone and have a printed copy of emergency contacts ahead of time as well as a back up portable charger.

Any items outside of your home are recommended to be brought inside as high hurricane’s wind speeds can damage bring significant damage.

“Anything that can be picked up and moved by you, the wind could do the same thing. Take time to grab chairs, umbrellas, planters, flowers, and put them in a safe area. Put them in a garage, put them in a shed,” Midway Fire Rescue Chief Mark Nugent said.

Before evacuating your home, make sure to turn off all electronics and appliances like cable lines, televisions, coffee makers, toasters and water, gas, and electric supply if possible as these serve as possible fire hazards in harsh weather conditions.

Evacuating or not, fire rescue officials say to make sure your home’s smoke alarm is working as generators, water, gas or electric supply can be a fire hazard in a hurricane or storm.

Generators must be used outdoors and not in a garage, porch, or enclosed area and kept at least 20 feet distance from your home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Weather conditions can prevent ATMs from providing cash, so keeping an appropriate amount on hand along with medical insurance cards, passports, and any other important home documents is recommended in case of an emergency.

Hurricane conditions can change quickly at any time and having a home evacuation plan in place is key to ensure safety.

State and local fire officials say the worst thing people can do during hurricane evacuations is not have a plan or downplay the situation.

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