Push to bring ‘Alternative Baseball Organization’ to Grand Strand & Pee Dee


GRAND STRAND & PEE DEE (WBTW) – Right now there’s not much baseball being played, but there could be. Taylor Duncan not only has autism, he’s also the commissioner of a baseball league, and he wants to bring it to the Pee Dee and Grand Strand.

“Look out COVID-19,” said Duncan, of the ‘Alternative Baseball Organization‘, “here comes the alternative baseball movement to power through perception and we’re trying to build in Florence and Myrtle Beach.”

Duncan hasn’t let autism get in his way and he’s not going to let anything get in his way to bring the ‘Alternative Baseball Organization’ to town.

“We’re trying to provide this opportunity in every community we possibly can put it in,” said Duncan.

In 2016 the ‘Alternative Baseball Organization’ got going. It’s for folks with autism, or any disability, outside of high school to do more than just sit around and root for the home team.

“When they graduate from high school, and take that diploma from the principal and leave for the last time,” said Duncan, “they’re also leaving behind the services available in their area, because they cap out at graduation age, and in a lot of areas, there’s just nothing for them to continue their path to independence.”

The ballpark works best. Much better than a rink, court, or pitch.

“Baseball is the perfect pace for everyone really,” said Duncan. “Everyone has an equal chance.”

Right now there are 300 ballplayers in 30 programs in 14 states, all started by Duncan.

“I feel like I’m called to do this,” said Duncan. “As a person on the autism spectrum myself who was denied opportunities to play traditional baseball, and always growing up, fantasizing about running the baseball team or a baseball organization or a league even, this is, I’m living my dream.”
To get a league going locally coaches and managers are needed to give these gifted stars a chance to sparkle on the diamond.

“When we put aside the perception rather than erect it as a barrier,” said Duncan, “when we support one another in what we do and support each other to the best of our potential whether we have a disability or not, the sky is the limit as to what can be come accomplished.”

To get the ‘Alternative Baseball Organization‘ going in the Pee Dee and on the Grand Strand volunteers are needed to help coach and manage the players.

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