Redistricting meetings to be held in Florence, Myrtle Beach as population numbers explode


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – A bi-partisan group of South Carolina house members will hold the first of ten public meetings about redistricting. It’s in Myrtle Beach as Horry County’s population continues to explode.

The first meeting is tonight at the Horry-Georgetown Tech Conference Center in Myrtle Beach.

The committee will use 2020 census data to draw maps for the state house, senate and U.S. house districts.

Districts are re-drawn every 10 years after new census data is released to reflect population changes.
Those on the committee say they want to encourage everyone to attend the meeting and voice any concerns they may have.

“If you have the chance to come out, come out and participate if you have feelings of where your house district where lines ought to be drawn.. or the congressional districts. For folks for whatever reason they cannot come out, whether it work into their schedule or health reasons, we will be offering a virtual meeting on October 4. we will be in Columbia but we will open that up for people via Zoom,” South Carolina House Representative, Jay Jordan said.

A senate committee already held its public hearings and the entire general assembly will vote on the suggested maps this fall. South Carolina House Representative Jay Jordan from Florence said Horry County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state.

“The numbers are very significant. the amount of growth that Horry has sustained over the last ten years and projected to continue to grow,” Jordan said.

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