Rental company worried about vehicle thefts at Myrtle Beach’s airport


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – One rental car company says dozens of its vehicles have been broken into or stolen off its lot at Myrtle Beach International Airport. 

Jay Tajiddin is a manager at the Hertz rental car location at the airport.

He says he’s worried about a growing problem in the parking lot.

“It’s like a candy shop here,” Tajiddin said. “Vehicles have been taken off the lot like it’s nothing.”

Tajiddin says about 50 Hertz vehicles have been stolen or broken into in the last two weeks, as well as dozens from the airport’s other rental companies.

“There’s been holes cut in the gates of many companies,” he said. “There’s been reports of thefts into the actual office buildings, the keys have been getting stolen out of the building and the cars are taken overnight.”

News13 first saw crews repairing a fence near Avis’s lot last Friday. The Horry County Police Department and airport police officers have told us there is an investigation at MYR, but haven’t given out any further details.

Tajiddin says the rental companies have been told why investigators think the vehicles are being stolen.

“The police have said that most of the incidents have been that people have been killed in the vehicles, drug dealing has been occurring and they believe it’s gang-related,” said Tajiddin.

Tajiddin says Hertz hired an extra security guard, but the thefts haven’t stopped.

“I believe that it will still occur until either the authorities take a bigger step to stop it, or these companies invest in their own security to stop it,” he said.

Horry County police haven’t given us any more information since this is an active investigation. We’ve also continued to reach out to MYR, but haven’t gotten a response.

We’ll continue to bring you updates on-air and online.

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