Rep. Jay Jordan on Santee Cooper: Don’t give away a state resource without a fair price


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – South Carolina Republican Representative Jay Jordan came to the News13 studio Friday to sit down with anchor Bob Juback for the latest episode of “Capitol Watch with Bob Juback”.

Rep. Jordan spoke about a number of topics, including Governor Henry McMaster’s budget plan, the fetal heartbeat bill, teacher pay across South Carolina, the potential sale of Santee Cooper and possible changes to Daylight Saving Time in South Carolina.


Rep. Jordan supports Governor McMaster’s budget plan. The Governor wants to give back nearly a quarter of the state’s almost $2 billion surplus through rebate checks based on how much tax someone pays and a five-year plan to cut income tax rates.

We asked Rep. Jordan about the plan.

“I think he’s done a good job of balancing the different opportunities and responsibilities,” Rep. Jay Jordan told News13’s Bob Juback. “I think it’s wise to take some of that money and invest it into state infrastructure, education- things that we need to improve in in SC- but it’s also smart to take that money and consider tax reform and tax rebates. That money didn’t just come magically to Columbia. It was sent there by the taxpayers of South Carolina.”

Governor McMaster will deliver his State of the State address on Wednesday night.


South Carolina lawmakers are back at the Statehouse, continuing to work on hundreds of bills. Among the issues set to be discussed: what to do with state-owned utility Santee Cooper. That topic will include whether the state should sell the company.

“The reality is, and I say this from time to time, we do own Santee Cooper and I’m not for giving away a state resource and asset without a very fair price for it but at the end of the day,” Rep. Jordan told News13. “We have a huge debt obligation associated with Santee Cooper because of the failed nuclear project.”


We also asked Rep. Jordan about whether he supports keeping Daylight Saving Time around all year for South Carolina.

“I think it benefits South Carolina to make this change,” Rep. Jordan said. “As everyone knows that’s watching this program, tourism is extremely important to not just our area but our entire state and I think this will help us in that area. But the reality is we can’t do anything without the federal government’s approval in this particular situation.”

To watch the full interview with Representative Jordan, click the video at the top of this story.

Stay with us as we continue this regular segment, “Capitol Watch with Bob Juback”, speaking with lawmakers who represent you. Our next interview will be with a South Carolina senator.

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