MT. PLEASANT, SC – New details have emerged in the case against Matthew Fischer, the 16-year-old Wando High School student, who is charged for stabbing his classmate after a fight that allegedly started over a girl on social media.

We were originally told that the victim, 17-year-old Lucas Cavanaugh, was sending messages to the suspect’s girlfriend on Snapchat, which is an app that deletes the message right after it is read.

But after digging through dozens of additional police reports that we just obtained today, we now know the teens were texting using iMessage, which is the standard texting application on an iPhone.

The big difference here is the messages aren’t deleted, and the girlfriend involved in all of this lied to police.

In police reports obtained by News 2, the suspect and Cavanaugh exchanged words, but not on Snapchat as we originally thought…instead on an iPod. Newer models of iPods, such as an iPod Touch, allow users to send messages on iMessage.

According to newly released police documents, that iPod, belonging to the girlfriend of the suspect, went missing after the stabbing incident.

The day after the incident, police told her that iPod was a crucial piece of evidence in a homicide case. The girl then handed it over, telling police that she had hid it under boxes and blankets.

According to the documents, she thought police wouldn’t be able to retrieve the messages if they were on Snapchat.

Fischer explained the texts between him and Cavanaugh to police….

Fischer asks, “Could you stay out of our relationship and shut the **** up” to which Cavanaugh responded, “You won’t say that to my face.”

When Cavanaugh did show up, Fischer told police he ran towards him and a fight began.

Fischer says Cavanaugh put him in a choke hold and when he was released from that chokehold, choke holden he pulled out a 3 inch pocket knife and stabbed Cavanaugh.

Tonight News 2 went to the home of the girlfriend, which is where this all happened.

We spoke with the girl’s mother who held Lucas in her arms in the moments after the stabbing.

The mother didn’t want to go on camera Monday but she did tell us her daughter was caught in the middle of her best friend and her boyfriend and it’s an extremely difficult situation. She also told us she doesn’t know why her daughter hid the iPod.

According to the reports, she said, the iPod contained nude photos and pictures of marijuana.

Tonight, News 2 also reached out to the suspect’s attorney, Andy Savage, to ask whether he will use the stand-your-ground philosophy when this case goes to trial. News 2 didn’t receive a call back just yet, but we’ll continue to follow this story in the coming days.

Fischer is currently at home on house arrest.

Right now, his first court appearance is scheduled for May 29th.