Retail workers in South Carolina get paid -38.80% less than other workers, survey shows


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South Carolina ranks No. 12 in the US for retail worker pay, according to In South Carolina, retail workers earn an average salary of $27,180, which is -38.80% less than the average salary in South Carolina. 

Retail workers in South Carolina must work 55.8 hours to afford median rent. 

Check out full state-by-state analysis:

Seven of the ten worst-paying states for retail workers are on the East Coast. New Hampshire and Connecticut also ranked low, coming in at numbers 37 and 38. And coastal California ranked number 42 on our list.

Here’s some good news for retail workers: 32 states pay retail workers better than the national average.

You’ll want to stay more inland to find the highest-paying states, like the Dakotas, Montana, Idaho, Tennessee, Arkansas, and others.

Washington DC technically has the highest average salary for retail workers at $36,520, but is it worth trying to find a job there to make rent? Probably not, as you’ll see below.COVID-19 Considerations

  • Nearly three out of four small businesses felt a negative impact due to COVID-19.3
  • 88% of small businesses experienced shoplifting.
  • In 2020, low-wage employment (under $27,000) in the US dropped by 25%.4 Retail workers would be considered low-wage employment in the following states:
    • West Virginia
    • Alabama
    • Delaware
    • Arkansas
    • Kentucky
    • Mississippi
    • Georgia
    • Louisiana
  • Middle-wage employment also dropped by 6% in 2020, which includes retail workers in the majority of states.
  • Over one-third (36%) of retail workers don’t get paid sick leave.5

In 2021, retail workers face ongoing financial and health-related challenges due to the pandemic.

Will we see additional stimulus relief, health care improvements, or a bounceback in jobs with increased vaccinations?

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