SC lawmakers hope to observe daylight saving time year-round


COLUMBIA, SC (WBTW) – Governor McMaster signed a bill in February supporting the decision to observe daylight saving time year-round should the federal government allow states to do so.

Right now, federal law allows a state to decline observing daylight saving time, but it does not allow a state to observe daylight saving time as the standard.

The bill Governor McMaster signed states, “The South Carolina General Assembly intents for daylight saving time to be the year-round standard time of the entire state should the United States Congress amend certain related federal law to allow states to observe daylight saving time year-round.”

In 2020 alone, five other states have passed similar legislation. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports to date, 13 states have enacted legislation to provide for daylight saving time to be the standard should the federal government allow it.

There are currently two states, Arizona and Hawaii, that do not observe daylight saving time.
One of the bill’s sponsors, Senator Thomas McElveen, says though the bill was passed, nothing has changed.

“We’ve still got to fall back this Sunday and as it stands right now, we’ve still got to spring forward on the second Sunday in March of next year,” he explained.

Senator McElveen says, he hopes the federal government takes notice of how many states are looking to make the change.

“We can’t do it alone. I think this is a growing movement in this country and hopefully our colleagues in Washington will take notice of that.

Senator McElveen says, there are several potential reasons to observe daylight saving time year-round. He tells News13, studies show the time change can impact people’s health, have a small impact on energy cost and even has the potential to help businesses.

“Some folks think this could be an economic driver for a lot of businesses, because if you leave work you may be more likely to go to a business or even an outdoor business like a golf course after work when it’s light outside still,” he explained.

Daylight saving time ends Sunday November 1st at 2:00 A.M.

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