Second twin arrested after brutal November attack at popular Myrtle Beach bar


The second twin accused in a brutal attack at a popular Myrtle Beach bar was arrested Tuesday.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department confirmed that 36-year-old Daniel Lee Joyner was arrested by North Myrtle Beach police and then brought to Myrtle Beach to be served a warrant from an incident at Foster’s Cafe & Bar last November.

Daniel is charged in Myrtle Beach with assault and battery by mob – 2nd degree.

He and his twin brother, 36-year-old David Lee Joyner, are accused of beating and kicking a man after that man left the bar. Police say the victim was ‘laying on the ground in a pool of blood’ after having been struck with a beer bottle and beaten by the brothers while on the ground. The victim lost several teeth in the assault and had lacerations to his face, according to police.

Police reports suggest the brothers then fled in a vehicle. The reports say the brothers tore the vehicle’s temporary tags off before fleeing.

David was arrested more than a week later. Both were arrested in February 2018 for public disorderly/public intoxication. In December of 2017, Daniel was arrested by Atlantic Beach police for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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