MURRELLS INLET, SC (WBTW) – A new school year is near full swing, but one class that may not be offered is self defense training.

Safety awareness and self defense training are the most beneficial tactics for women in unexpected or uncomfortable situations.

Survivor of an attempted robbery, Heather Bryant, turned a life threatening situation into an opportunity to turn unsuspected targets into powerful women.

Myrtle Beach Self Defense is the result of Bryant’s surviving moment she held at gunpoint in 2010.

The defense training is devoted to women and teenager girls to teach 20 on the most common attack women face when trying to protect their life in a moment of threat.

Prevention and awareness techniques accompany physical combat to empower women with confidence in place of fear.

Recognizing a woman’s inner strength, learning escape methods, how and when to fight back is Bryant’s goal.

Front chokes, back chokes, rear grabs, and ground work are among the defensive techniques women train and master in the self defense course.

“It is not about any fancy technique, rather about fighting back and getting yourself out of a bad situation,” Bryant said.

Women’s safety begins with confidence in life threatening situations. Self defense courses are important to create everyday safety habits and serve as a reminder to be alert, aware, and have a plan in any given situation.

Myrtle Beach Self Defense offers private lessons, seminars, and will be offering a new schedule of classes in the fall.